Top 40 Pitchers/Top 10 Catchers

This is a simple list without explanation of my favorite pitchers & catchers of all time. 

Hope you enjoy. Feel free to add or comment. Have a good one! 


Greg Maddux

Tom Glavine

Steve Avery

John Smoltz

Kerry Wood

Andy Petitte

Mariano Rivera

Jim Abbot

Clayton Kershaw

Mark Wohlers

Curt Schilling

Dennis Eckesley

Roger Clemens

Don Sutton

Cy Young

Whitey Ford

Sandy Koufax

Nolan Ryan

Pedro Martinez

Randy Johnson

Billy Wagner

Trevor Hoffman

Craig Kimbrel

Phil Niekro

Hideo Nomo

Tom Seaver

Dizzy Dean

Roy Halladay

Felix Hernandez

Zack Greinke

Dave Stewart

John Franco

Chris Carpenter

Dave Cone

Mike Mussina

Oral Hershiser

Dwight Gooden

Gaylord Perry

Kevin Millwood

Babe Ruth



Johnny Bench

Yogi Berra

Javy Lopez

Ivan Rodriguez

Jorge Posada

Carlton Fisk

Joe Meuer

Greg Olson

Darren Daulton

Sandy Alamar


*& props to an awesome player, Adam Laroche, for putting his family before his career. Another one of my favorite players, especially in a Braves uniform.


50 of my Favorite Baseball Players


 50 of my Favorite Baseball Players

(No Pitchers or Catchers)*

Ron Gant-I loved the way he would hit homers to left center.

Dale Murphy-The reason I picked & wore the number 3 during my career

Cecil Fielder-Home Run!

Craig Biggio-I played second base. Need I say more. Loved his dirty helmet.

Ozzie Smith-Best defense I ever saw. Remember when he hit a triple against the Braves.

Craig Counsell-I was told that I played a lot like him in 2001. Loved his defensive style.

Mark Lemke-Mr. October during the Glory Years for the Braves. Sharp player

Derek Jeter-My assistant JV coach’s favorite player. Played with grace. Inside-out swing.

Chipper Jones-Loved the fact that he spent all his years with the Braves. Solid Player.

David Justice-That Solo Homer in Game 6 against Cleveland. Won 1-0 1995 World Series

Terry Pendleton-One of the great third basemen of the 90’s.

Honus Wagner-Though I never saw him play, I’ve always felt drawn to his talent.

Hank Aaron-The Home Run King in my book. Got his autograph

Marquis Grissom-That homer during the All-Star Game. Expos were always tough.

Barry Larkin-Needless to say, another great shortstop. Solid hitter.

Rickey Henderson-Man could that dude run. Always fun to watch.

Cal Ripken Jr.-One of my childhood favorites. His advice helped me learn to slide.

Joe Carter-Even though it shattered a dream, that WS home run was awesome.

Ichiro Suzuki-Been a fan since day one. Consistent & an amazing arm.

Ryan Sandburg-I used his style of glove during middle school baseball.

Robin Yount-A childhood favorite.  Basically ran the Brewers.

George Brett-The infamous homer escapade. & so much more.

Willie Mays-Groundbreaker. Amazing outfielder. Made baseball look fun!

Roger Maris-The movie 61* is one of my favorite baseball movies.

Babe Ruth-No list would be complete without The Sultan of Swat. The King of Crash!

Pete Rose-Despite the controversy, I would not want to pitch to him.

Ernie Banks-I remember my friend getting his card at the beach as a youngin’

Jeff Blauser-I reckon you can tell I pull for the Braves. Old Smokey.

Chuck Knoblauch-He was the man when he played for the Twins.

Wally Joyner-Tough, solid player. Good Slugger.

Lenny Dykstra-Always a tough out. Early 90’s Braves vs Phillies.

Sid Bream-That Slide! The Pennant!

Andy Van Slyke-Great all around ball player. Old Rival-Pirates

Ken Griffey Jr.-Remember going to Charlotte to get his rookie card. SNES Game=Fun!

Larry Walker-Great hitter. A part of those pesky Expos.

Fred McGriff-Loved watching the Crime Dog hit home runs

Rafael Belliard-The man could play defense with the best of them

Jeff Kent-Seen him live twice. He homered both games.

Sammy Sosa-I was 16 years old, drove to Atlanta with friends for the Derby. 508 ft homer!

Tony Gwynn-One of the best consistent hitters I grew up watching.

Brett Butler-Great inspiration as a leadoff hitter. Speedy!

Andruw Jones– DEFENSE- Homers in his debut during the World Series. Period.

Bernie Williams-Overall clutch player. When he was on, one of the best.

Otis Nixon-My favorite leadoff hitter growing up. Great bunter-such speed

Alex Rodriguez-Preferred him as a Mariner to a Ranger or Yankee but can’t deny talent.

Jackie Robison-Slide Jackie, Slide!! 42

Kenny Lofton-Flashy in a good way. Had his good years.

Kirby Puckett-Can’t think of the Twins without Kirby crossing the mind. Fun Player

Tim Raines-Another awesome outfielder. Got close to 3000 hits.

Bo Jackson-Bo knew. Never will I forget him climbing the wall with his feet.


I realize that a lot of the all time greats have been left out & that I am quite bias toward the Atlanta Braves. Just keep in mind this is opinion based & not a petition for better recognition. Most of these players have retired. Some have reached the Hall of Fame.

I am still getting used to the Stars in the making today. It has felt good to revisit some old notes concerning an old pastime. Hope you enjoy the list. Feel free to comment.


MHG 2/17/16